Explore Belitung

Why Belitung?

Let’s plot an escape to the west! Belitung is a lesser known paradise situated on the east coast of Sumatra. With 6 months of dry season, Belitung gets pretty busy in summer. The tropical climate in Belitung is friendlier in June to October than in any other month with some time between August and September as its driest season. You can expect an average daily temperature of 31 degrees Celsius. Traveling on rainy season (November - May) is still doable but the humid weather and unpredictable downpours can hinder your trip. It is best to check the daily weather.

How to get there?

By plane

Belitung international airport is called H.A.S Hanandjoeddin. You can take a direct flight from and to Jakarta, Palembang or Pangkal Pinang (Bangka). Belitung airport currently serves international routes from and to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

By ferry/boat

Tanjung Pandan can also be reached by boat from Tanjong Priok, Jakarta, or Pangkal Pinang port. The route from Pangkal Pinang uses jetfoil, Express Bahari with 4 to 6 hours journey. However, all tickets need to be bought on location. Whilst from Tanjong Priok, Jakarta, it is a long hauling boat trip, approximately 18 hours using KM Lawit with ticket purchased on the spot.

How to get around?

Belitung offers many transport options for tourists. If you’re not relying on your hotel transport service, you can rent a car or motorbike for a daily or weekly use for a price of approximately IDR 70.000 - 120.000 per day depending on the size of the motorbike. If it's going to be a short trip, online taxis like Gojek are everywhere around you and they're wearing green jacket.

What to see?


Tanjung Kelayang

Tanjung Kelayang is an iconic landmark in Belitung island. It becomes even more popular these days after the attractive stretch was featured in an Indonesian blockbuster, Laskar Pelangi. The beach is naturally artistic with large boulders and stones decorating the white sand. Swimmers and snorkelers will find Tanjung Kelayang perfect with its calm sea and breezy air. You can witness boats and yachts sailing on Tanjung Kelayang occasionally.
belitung tanjung kelayang

Source: Flickr.com

Tanjung Tinggi

Not far from Tanjung Kelayang, an 80-hectare white sandy beach stretches beautifully with granite stones on its beach. It was used to be the fishermen wharf, but now it's a paradise for divers. However, please be aware for jellyfish!
belitung tanjung tinggi

Source: Flickr.com

Batu Berlayar

Literally translated to ‘The Sailing Rock’, Batu Berlayar has that soft white sandy beach and huge stones. During high tide, these stones appear to be sailing and it is quite a scenic view to admire.
berlayar belitung

Source: Flickr.com

Island hopping

Belitung consists of small islands and all of them are worth the visit. Explore the tropical islands in Belitung by renting a boat. Each beach offers a unique experience and different topography.
Your island hopping adventure starts from Tanjung Ru using a motor boat that you can rent for the whole day. We recommend you start early in the morning because you might want to let each moment sink in!

Pulau Leebong

This little Maldives owns a beach called Chicas that has a unique topography of mangrove and white powdery beach combined. Explore the turquoise ocean and the floating gazebos (yes!) on high tide!
leebong island

Pulau Batu Garuda

Another blue ocean to dive in is Batu Garuda. The perfect clear water is the garden of corals with granites resembling Garuda bird (a creature from Hindu mythology similar to eagle).
batugaruda island

Pulau Pasir

Pulau Pasir can only be seen when you're in luck! This is the reason why you should come to Belitung at its best time, on the driest season. The sand appears during the lowest tide and it disappears on high tide.
pulaupasir island



A quick boat ride from Tanjung Kelayang will get you to a century-old lighthouse in Lengkuas beach. Take a peek of Belitung from above with a little hard work to reach the top of the lighthouse as it has 18 storeys.
belitung tanjung lengkuas

Source: Flickr.com

Natural wonders of Belitung

Lake Kaolin

Kaolin Lake reminds us of Kawah Putih Ciwidey which has these similar colors but without the sulfur! Kaolin Lake offers an extraordinaire panorama with its unique blue water and pale white land due to the high mineral deposits. The lake is actually a kaolin-mining site. And because it is a tin mine, the water is highly contaminated and visitors are prohibited to swim.
belitung kaolin lake

Source: Pixabay.com

Sea life

The sea life in Belitung is too awesome to be missed! The calm waters and true blue oceans house the most beautiful marine life. You can also enjoy other means of watersports such as kayaking or sailing.
underwater corals

Where to stay?

With so many things to see and do, an ideal length for your holiday in Belitung is as long as you can! We recommend these hotels and resorts for your sanctuary in Belitung.

Our recommended accomodations

Arumdalu Eco-Resort - for everybody with a good sense of nature, we can fully recommend the Arumdalu Eco-Resort. It offers you a quiet tropical place to unwind. Everything about this resort is environmentally friendly – from recycled water heater to urban farming – this is a satisfying way to relax knowing that you take part in preserving the nature. The room price starts from IDR 5,8m per night.
Bahamas Hotel & Resort - Bahamas is just 30-minute away from the airport and a stone throw away from the pristine beach. The hotel’s favorite facilities are the swimming pool and jacuzzi. Rate starts from IDR 400,000.
Belitung Homestay Backpacker - This is a great stay for those who travel with a tight budget. For IDR 100,000, you can get a decent bed in a dorm room and shared bathroom.

Eat & Drink

Belitung island has a variety of local food to offer. From meat lovers to vegans, the Belitung kitchen will make any kind of eating lifestyle happy.

Mie Belitung

Despite its natural beauty, Belitung is also famous for its noodles. Unlike other typical Indonesian noodles, Mie Belitung has a distinct taste with its fried shrimps. The sweet soup and yellow noodles paired with Kekian (prawn roll) and bean sprout is a refresh to your tongue.
belitung miebelitung

Belitung coffee

You should definitely try one of Belitung kopitiams – the humble, yet legendary shops that sell coffee made out of the best local beans. Drinking coffee has somehow become a culture in Belitung and it begins early in the morning. The elders would hangout in coffee shops and enjoy sipping their drinks while socializing with their peers.
belitung coffee

Source: pixabay.com

Sate Pusut

The savory dish reminds us of Thai´s Tom Yum Soup. With shrimp paste, coconut milk and turmeric – the rich taste of a hearty fish soup is perfect for those who seek traditional spicy foods in Belitung island.
SONY DSC amazing dish

Things to note

Atm centers are only available in the city and in some convenience stores. And almost all of the tourism service transactions are done in cash (tickets in ports, boat rentals, food stalls, etc). Before you go on an island-hopping adventure, it is best to bring some amount of Rupiah with you in case you need to buy fresh coconut water by the beach!