Explore Lombok

Why Lombok?

Lombok is often considered as the next Bali. Indeed, this Bali’s next door region is just minutes away from the island of gods. If you are a looking for another glimpse of Indonesia’s traditional culture that blend in with the nature’s charm and modern nightlife – Lombok is the place you’ll be enchanted to. The beaches, the mountains, and the unique cultures make Lombok worth the visit. The warm weather of Lombok makes a perfect tourist getaway. There are even lovelier beaches in Lombok than in Bali as this place has offshore islands with loads of splendors.

How to get there?

Lombok is an island in West Nusa Tenggara located -8.65 latitude and 116.32 longitude. It is only an hour boat ride from Bali, crossing Lombok Strait, thus, you can expect some similarities in term of tourist attractions but Lombok definitely gives steady stream of international visitors due to its epic interiors. However, Lombok is also the meeting of major tectonic plate – causing Lombok prone to earth quakes.

By plane

Lombok airport is called Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport (ZAMIA). There are many domestic flights to choose when getting to Lombok from Bali, such as Batik Air, NAM Air, and Lion Air. Lombok has Visa on Arrival facility for foreign passports and the international flight options include Air Asia, Silk Air and Garuda Airlines.

By ferry/boat

Getting to Lombok by ferry is a cheap alternative departing from Padang Bai and Lembar harbors with IDR 46,000 per person. The ferries operate 24 hours and depart every hour per day from Bali but expect a delay due to any circumstance. The best way is to come late at night or early in the morning to avoid the crowd because these ferries take vehicles, too. The ferry takes quite a long journey for approximately 4 hours with ticket available on the spot (first come is first served!) Fast boat is a great way for travelers who want to save time. Renting a private boat enables you to enjoy the ride with your group without any hassle as these rentals provide on board services, too.

By bus

You can take express buses from Bali to Lombok as there are various providers that allow you to book in advance. Another cheaper alternative is to take DAMRI bus from Bali however, foreigners might get confused due to the unclear sign and schedules of departure. You can also hop in DAMRI bus from Lombok airport to Mandalika terminal in Mataram. Although it operates from 4 am to 10 pm, there is no exact schedule on when the bus arrives

How to get around?

It’s fairly easy to get around Lombok. Blue Bird taxis are everywhere but if you must take another taxi, be sure that the driver turns on the meter. Car and bike are also available for rent, but make sure that you rent from a trusted company or ask your hotel receptionist to introduce one to you. This is to avoid any scam that could likely happen. The price might be slightly more expensive when renting through your hotel but it’s safer. Another alternative is to hail “ojek” via online app as the price is already listed based on the distance. If you plan to have a few routes, getting a ride through Grab or Go-Car apps would be a great choice. However, if you plan to have a full day tour including a guide, then renting a car is a better option.

What to see?




8 km from Mataram City lies the biggest temple in Lombok. This Pura has a beautiful ornament on its entrance. An interesting thing about Lingsar is the blend of two beliefs –Hinduism and animism tradition – making the temple a symbol of harmony. There is a sacred pool inside the pura and a stopover built to worship Mount Rinjani.
Lingsar Temple @Lombok, Indonesia

Source: Flickr.com


Batu Bolong

The majestic rock holds a Pura overlooking Senggigi beach. What’s unique about this site is the big hole on the rock due to natural process. On certain days, Hindu community performs rituals and and carry offerings on top of their heads.
Batu Bolong @ Lombok, Indonesia

Source: Flickr.com



Sasak Village

A culture trip to Lombok is a good way to experience the local like never before. Sasak village is where you meet the indigenous people of Lombok! Sasak is in fact, Lombok’s remnant culture ethnic. Originated from Java island, 85% of Sasak community inhabits the area alongside Balinese, Chinese and Javanese. Sasak people have their cultural procession of its own and although the culture is related to Bali, Sasak people practice Islam faith.
If you’re lucky, you can witness a Sasak wedding ceremony parade on the street during the weekends. The wedding usually packs two things, loud and crowd with traditional music playing along the way.
Peresean / Stick Fighting

Source: Flickr.com


Sukarara Village

A short tour in Sukarara village lets you try the women’s daily routine of sarong-weaving. Here, you can also purchase the handmade cloth at a bargained price (start from IDR 50,000 to million Rupiah depending on the complexity). Fun fact about this ancient tradition is that a girl must be able to weave before she can get married!
Woman weaving at Sukarara Village, Lombok, Indonesia

Source: Flickr.com




Lombok’s most famous (and crowded) beach boasts pristine sands and bean bags to laze around. Senggigi offers the convenience of leisure walk and swim, hence, this place could be crowded during the day, on and off the beach, with plenty of activities from snorkeling to canoeing – or just enjoy sipping coconut water while getting tanned.
View on Senggigi beach from near viewpoint.

Source: Flickr.com


Lombok’s most famous (and crowded) beach boasts pristine sands and bean bags to laze around. Senggigi offers the convenience of leisure walk and swim, hence, this place could be crowded during the day, on and off the beach, with plenty of activities from snorkeling to canoeing – or just enjoy sipping coconut water while getting tanned.
Kuta beach @Lombok

Source: Flickr.com

On the beachside – loungers, beers, parasols and hawkers of foods and accessories are endless – this could be disturbing at times when you just want to get a quiet tanning session.  The knick knacks in Kuta are mostly within walking distance. It’s where most of the accommodations and restaurants are located.

Tanjung Aan

5km from Kuta or 15 minutes of bike-ride takes you to Tanjung Aan – a long bay that enables you to find a spot to chill out easily. The surrounding is a postcard perfect panorama with lush greeneries, turquoise water and fine white sand as the backdrop!
Tanjung Aan beach @Lombok, Indonesia

Source: Flickr.com

Pink Beach

Pink beach lives up to its name. Coming to this place feels like entering a dreamy world with a rare phenomenon of seeing a beautiful beach with pinkish sands. For a quieter spot, the beach in South Lombok offers an untouched beauty with calm water perfect for cooling off!
Pink beach @Lombok, Indonesia

Source: Flickr.com

Bukit Merese

A combination of beach and hills – Bukit Merese has a scenic sunset due to its south facing beach. People would gather in the afternoon to watch the golden hour. It’s a good destination to visit after spending some time in Kuta beach.
Bukit merese @Lombok, Indonesia

Selong Belanak

Selong Belanak is a surfer’s paradise with clean water and lesser crowd. Beginners can start their surfing lesson at Selong Belanak without worrying about equipment because surfboard rentals and trainers are on sight. This is also your chance to experience the savory taste of Lombok local dishes from the warungs.
Selong belanak beach @Lombok, Indonesia

Source: Flickr.com

Gili Islands

Gili literally means a small island. Island hopping is one of the highlights when visiting Lombok as these pretty spots boast their own unique nature sightseeings.

Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air

The commercially developed Gilis are Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. Each island boasts unique attractions and atmosphere with diving and snorkeling as the main activities.  
Gili Trawangan is probably the most populated of the three with bars and restaurants offering delectable choices. Gili Meno is the smaller island that you can get around on bicycle. The styles of warungs are still in their traditional state. Gili Air is the least developed of the three and is a favorite for budget travelers.
White sands beach @Gili Trawangan

Source: Pixabay.com

For infos about Gili Trawangan check our Top-Destinations Page about it: Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air

Gili Kedis, Gili Sudak and Gili Nanggu are situated at West Lombok (Sekotong) and they are unlike the popular Gilis.
There’s nothing in Gili Kedis but white sandy beach and clear water, and that’s why it’s so special! It’s almost like a private nature playground. Not many tourists explore these Gilis since they are not commercially developed yet. The tiny Kedis is where the sea is all yours to swim and snorkel.
Gili Nanggu has that dreamy beach and ocean. You can feel the serenity from the moment you step out from the boat. No vendors that bug you. the tranquility is also felt underwater, where fish and corals are the things you’ll most likely bump into – not another divers.
Gili Sudak is another story. People come here for seafood feast at the one and only small restaurant in the island. It’s normally a stop before going back to Lombok mainland. 

The nature of Lombok

Volcano - Mount Rinjani

One of the mostly climbed mountains in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani, offers unique panorama from up above. Physical strength is extremely required when trekking this active volcano. Due to its uncertain activity, it’s worth checking whether the mountain is open for a hike from Aik Berik. You will need at least 3 days to fully conquer this majestic mountain with a few stops including the beautiful crater lake, Segara Anak.
camping close to volcano Mount Rinjani @ Lombok, Indonesia

Source: Flickr.com

Pusuk Monkey Forest

Up to a higher ground, Pusuk Monkey Forest is similar to Ubud’s. It’s advised to keep your belongings because the wild monkeys could snatch them – and they’re really quick!
Simian monkey in the monkey forest Indonesia

Source: Flickr.com


Waterfall - Sendang Gile

Going to the northern Lombok, Sendang Gile is a stunning waterfall hidden in Senaru town. The incredible Lombok’s waterfall is secluded in the forest and most visitors are the trekkers who want to go to (or has conquered) Mount Rinjani.
From the main road, you can easily find the direction signage and just follow the path. Friendly locals can be your tour guide but always be aware of scams that could rip you off. Again, your expertise in bargaining is needed. Please note that wearing good shoes could save you from tripping. And you have to be in a fit condition as the adventurous paths include steep bank, tunnel, and bridge!
Sendang Gile Waterfall Indonesia

Waterfall - Tiu Kelep

Tiu Kelep is 2-river-cross away from Sendang Gile! Watch out for the streams and always wear your best trekking shoes because you need they’re knee deep! After the earthquake, the path gets a little more difficult as trees fell and created a bit of adventure. If you travel with family, hiring a local guide is recommended as they are very knowledgeable and most of all, they can help your kids while you’re helping yourself!
Tiu Kelep Waterfall Indonesia

Source: Flickr.com 


Where to stay?

Lombok’s accommodations are varied in classes. Luxury hotels, rustic bungalows or a simple homestay – the destination is ideal for all kinds of travelers. All suggested accomodations are tested and approved and we are sure you will enjoy your stay there.

Budget Hotels

Hostels in Senggigi are plenty but the locations may require a long walk to the beach. For budget accommodations, Mataram city is backpacker-friendly where you can find an affordable stay with simple amenities. It’s relatively easy to find homestays in mainland Lombok since most of the tropical resorts are situated in the Gilis.
Here some approved examples of quality budget accomodations:

Medium range

Most tourists come to Senggigi for a stay because it’s easy to find anything from foods to souvenirs. Surfers prefer to stay near the Kuta beach but even if you don’t plan to surf, there are countless of medium-range hotels near Kuta. A few chain hotels that adopt minimalist styles include Fave Hotel in Langko and Rascals Hotel in Kuta. Some affordable resorts like Coconut Boutique and Origin Lombok are the peaceful retreat value for money.    

Luxury range

Stylish villas, luxury resorts, traditional huts set on the cliff or next to lines of coconut trees – Lombok luxury accommodations offer a sense of back-to-nature without leaving the comfort of a bedroom. Qunci Villas offer a perfect spot by the Mangsit Beach. The oceanfront boutique hotel is an upscale tranquility with private beach and outdoor pool. If you’re looking for a unique resort, Hotel Tugu is combination of art, history and modern style accommodation with impressive details that make you feel like you’re staying in an outdoor lavish museum –without any creepy part.

Eat & Drink

Besides stunning beaches and amazing nature Lombok has also a vast variety of delicious dishes to offer.

Ayam Taliwang

Taliwang chicken is the legendary dish with fiery taste due to chili incorporated in the ingredients.  Taliwang chicken is grilled and then boiled with thick coconut milk – making it juicy, spicy and savory. Condiments include kangkung, eggplant, sambal, and served with rice – of course.
Ayam Taliwang @Lombok, Indonesia

Source: Kulina.co

Nasi Puyung

Nasi Puyung may be less popular than ayam taliwang but if you ask the locals, this is one of their favorite. The humble dish is often wrapped in banana leaves and you can most likely find it in the warungs. It consists of fried soy beans, shredded chicken, spiced shredded coconut, and chili.
Nasi Puyung @Lombok, Indonesia

Source: cookpad.com

Sate Pusut

Another specialty of the island is sate Pusut. It can either be ground beef or chicken mixed with an array of aromatic herbs and spices before being roasted on skewers to create crust on the outer part and tender in the center.
Sate Pusut @Lombok, Indonesia

Source: cookpad.com

Ayam Rarang

Another spicy chicken worth the sweat! Plenty of stalls in Rarang village cook the best Ayam Rarang. What makes Rarang different from Taliwang is the shrimp-paste-based sambal wrapping the chicken.
Ayam Rarang @Lombok,Indonesia

Plecing Kangkung

Consider this as salad! In every traditional restaurants and stalls would sell Plecing Kangkung. The water spinach is boiled and served on a plate with shrimp paste sambal, fried peanuts, and seasoned grated coconut on top.
Plecing Kangkung @Lombok, Indonesia

Source: ahlitani.com


Party goers should stay around Senggigi as this is the most upbeat place to find somewhere to go after dark. Although it is less hip compared to Bali, Senggigi offers numerous lounges to chill out and enjoy live music. In Marina Café, there’s a daily band performance and the foods are varied from local to western meals. For a more thematic bar, the Surfer’s Bar in Kuta, Lombok is a semi outdoor setting with house DJ performance and Rastafarians can go to Sama-Sama reggae bar for a full night of reggae music.

Tours & Guides

In partnership with one of the leading guide & tours platforms and local travel agencies we want to share with you the most outstanding and unforgettable travel experience.

Things to note

  • Best time to visit Lombok is during its dry months from April to October. As a tropical island, it can get hassle during rainy season.
  • It’s advised to book a transport for your day tour around Lombok. It costs cheaper than wandering around using a metered taxi. Rent a car with a driver or rent a motorbike for a cheaper option.
  • When you reach Gili islands, don’t expect to find automotive transportations. Bicycle and horse cart are two famous tourist’s choice of transport when getting around.
  • It’s encouraged to travel in groups as Lombok is not a prominent tourist site. However, you can expect a good vibe of day and nightlife in tourist areas.
  • Dress in modest style when visiting temples. Topless when sunbathing is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not touch the corals when you go diving. Let’s not disturb the beautiful marine life, shall we?
  • Mosquito repellent is a must-bring besides your sun cream.
  • Do not drink local beer or arak as many poisoning cases report were fatal. Stick to beers/alcohol with trusted brands.