Who and what is Jalanjalan, Yuk!

Have you ever wondered why you are stranded in JalanJalan, Yuk's page? Well, we know why!

  • You´re planning for your next tropical trip

  • Maybe you want to escape from your daily routine?

  • You want to taste a bit of freedom?

  • There´s an urge in your heart to go and see the beauty of nature?

  • Or, you´re getting bored of the tourist destinations you read from a travel agent´s brochure?

On a traveler´s point of view, we get you!

This is why we say, “JalanJalan, Yuk!

The true meaning of Jalan-Jalan, Yuk is “Let´s travel!”. Our goal has always been one – to help you get the best and the most out of your adventures! We are committed to being the traveler´s “guide” when they pick and plan their trip around Indonesia. As a comprehensive travel site for anyone who loves Indonesia, we want to make your wonderful journey easy and yet, unforgettable.


The lack of information on the internet is what get us moving and doing some reporting on the spot so anyone can read and use our information to arrange their itinerary appropriately. What makes us different is that we always include some useful tips and tricks for our readers.

Why? Because..

  • Too many blogs about popular destinations without giving details on how to get there and things you really..really.. should see. Knowing how to get to a place is fairly as important as the destination itself. There are a plethora of articles but most of them are about the places instead of the journey.

  • Some blogs showcase beautiful pictures but without a single tip to equip you for your trip. Getting a nice picture of a mountain or a selfie in the wild jungle is part of the souvenir-hunting but often time, people forget what it takes to reach a certain place. For each journey, our team records list the things you need to know for your next trip, so you won´t need to do that!

  • A few blogs don’t tell you whether the road is going to be bumpy or whether it´s not going to be as pretty as described. Our website says what it sees. We don´t add spices in our stories but with the multitude of options, we give unbiased opinions and share our experiences for the readers.

There are 365 days in a year, and still, it won´t be enough to visit all the incredible places in Indonesia. From temple to ocean, from mountain to the beach – the country has it all. It´s a bit pity that all of the information are somehow, repetitive and don´t explain the highs and lows in detail because that´s what supposed every traveler needs to hear.



Jalan-Jalan, Yuk is a website dedicated to Indonesia holiday destinations. Our expert knowledge ensures that what you read is what you get. We actually recommend what´s great and what´s not, based on real experiences.

Established on in 2018, Jalan-Jalan, Yuk aims to create comprehensive and unrivalled traveling information about exploring Indonesia, the local foods and cultures. Whether you are going on a group tour or a holiday on your own – rest assure that our useful details come in handy!

We believe that an enjoyable holiday means:

  • relaxing while away from home

  • free from difficulties in navigating your route

  • no worry about where to dine or party

We´ve got you covered!

Find out our destination highlights of dazzling Indonesia and see if one catches your soul. With our comprehensive reviews, it´s not just good or bad, but why it is good or bad so you can determine your choices and make faster decisions.


We´ve scoured various places you´re likely love to visit. From the ancient temples to colorful lakes – we opt for interesting angles so every traveler has their best possible way to live in the moment.

Our blog provides insightful information – complete enough for you to start your journey to various travel destinations across Indonesia without the need to search elsewhere. Our unique and in-depth stories allow you to go beyond the mainstream sightseeing spots.

  • Discover Indonesia´s hidden gems

  • More than 100 great travel destinations across the country

  • Get off the beaten paths that are less touristy!

  • Find out the best time to visit each destination

  • Plan your trip based on our how-to and where-to-stay guides

  • Don´t miss out the local´s favorite foods and dining spots

  • Review-based hotel recommendations.

  • Save your time while we do the research, comparisons and things to consider


With the many remote places being discovered by locals and foreigners, there´s a huge possibility of damaging the environment as it comes in contact with humans. Without neglecting convenient traveling, we follow principle rules in preserving our mother nature and share them with you on every journey. Leave only footprints and let a place stay beautiful.


We hope you´d be inspired by our journeys, dare to organize and go on holiday yourself. So where should you go today? Jalanjalan, yuk!

Do you have any traveling destinations in Indonesia that you´d like us to cover? Drop us an Email!